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5 Big Expectations That We Have From Guerilla Game’s Next AAA PS4 Exclusive

E3 is always loaded with anticipation from audiences, it comes packed with expectations and we as an audience want more from a franchise that always managed to impress us, even though some of it’s games were a flop.However that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any scope for improvement, because developers more than often learn from […]


5 most wanted features that we would love to see in Far Cry 4

The Far Cry franchise has been an original game no doubt and over the years it has amassed a cult following that very few series can boast of. Over the evolution of Far Cry, we have seen how the game has evolved to amazing levels, in terms of storytelling, characters and game-play, and it is […]


10 Biggest E3 Bloopers of All Time

These are surely embarrassing.


Watch Dogs Comparison: PS4 Vs. Xbox One. Vs. PC Vs. PS3 Vs. Xbox 360

Which version looks the best?


5 Amazing Facts That You May Not Know About Metal Gear Solid

You won’t believe the Metal Gear Solid series has so many secrets.


5 Most Wanted Games for the PS4, PC And Xbox One

It is about time that these games should be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The games include Fallout 4, Half Life 3, Agent, The Last Guardian and Shenmue 3.


E3 2014: 5 Games That Will Drop Your Jaws

E3 2014 is going to be full of big games. We select the 5 worth looking forward to.


On the Road to Mass Effect 4

The Mass Effect franchise has been a memorable one to say the least, and it has impacted gamers from all over the world.


Sony E3 2014: Next Uncharted, Project Beast, Guerrilla Games’ New IP And More

Can Sony win E3 2014?


Fallout 4 Trailer: War Never Changes

The ultimate fan made Fallout 4 trailer.