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5 Amazing Facts You Don’t Know About Watch Dogs

Hello! I am Adam from Indefinite Respawn and am here to talk about some amazing facts that you probably don’t know about Watch_Dogs. Ubisoft’s open world hacking title is one of the most anticipated games in recent years and it will apparently come packed in with new features.

To begin with, your mobile is your weapon. Not only can you make the city go dark or control surveillance cameras but did you know you can also overload headset of enemies? Just take a look at this screenshot and you will understand what I mean. This could be a really cool feature in a situation where Aiden has to tackle enemies stealthily.

Moving on, Watch_Dogs has over 13000 unique animations! The game’s animation director Colin Graham has done a stunning job in creating some unique animations. Every NPC in the game will have a different animation and behavior. It’s a shame that this is a cross generation title and I wonder about the possibilities if it had been exclusive on the new consoles.

The game also has dynamic character traits. What does this mean? A NPC living in a certain area will be different from another NPC that lives in another area. NPCs will be affected by the environments they live in. This is really a cool feature because each encounter with a NPC might result into different situations and gameplay mechanics.

Now this is one of my favorite features! Stealth driving! We have heard about the different types of stealth mechanics but driving? This is a really nice feature and can be used to tail someone without alerting anyone. Aiden can also park his car on the sideways and listen to a conversation, all while sitting in the car.

So this one is a really crazy feature! Players will be able to leave Chicago but where exactly they will be allowed to go is still unknown. It might be similar to one of the missions in Grand Theft Auto 5 where the story took the player outside Los Santos but will Watch_Dogs allow the players themselves to leave the city? We are not sure at this moment but regardless we are psyched!

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