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Top Scariest Moments In Video Games

The movie industry has a lot of crazy movies that literally make us scared to go out in the dark and as well as make us afraid of our own shadows, why? because some of the horror movies that the director has envisioned, has really captured our imagination and really make us believe that they are real and gripping. Movies like The Shining, Carrie, The Ring have all made their mark in Hollywood history.

hat being said, many games of this generation have also made their mark in the industry and in the near future will be hailed as timeless classics.  Video games have come of age and with the amount of realism that games are showcasing these days, it’s not that hard for writers and directors to pull the gaming audience into a gripping and scary moment.

With that in mind, we give you some of the most scariest moments in video games, moments that will make you want to jump out of our seat, or make you have a knee jerk reaction. You might want to keep your lights on for this one.

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